Kevin Howes

Kevin Howes is an executive coach and consultant with more than 25 years delivering bottom-line results in blue-chip companies and SMEs in the automotive, financial services, IT, technology, telecoms, and pharmaceutical sectors. His clients tell him they like his informal, practical, straight-talking approach and his knack of quickly pinpointing where performance can be improved. He will roll up his sleeves to build enduring relationships at all levels based on mutual trust, personal credibility and a passion for achieving agreed bottom-line results.

He has achieved a solid track record of delivering results in companies like Accident Exchange, Barclays, Britax, BT Cellnet (now 02), DaimlerChrysler, EPSON, Ford, Hewlett-Packard, Legal & General, Lloyds Bank, Nortel, Pfizer, Oracle, Sankyo, TMP Worldwide, and Zurich Financial Services to name but a few.