I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity of leadership coaching with Helen…and I have changed my work-life balance for the better.

Sue Curtis, Senior Director, Gilead


“Helen consulted with me and a small team I led on how to bring about behaviour change; this led to delivery of new identity and values as part of our developing values-based culture. She introduced fresh creative thinking and ideas, helped us to face up to, tackle and move away from our traditional ways of trying to bring about culture & behaviour change (in the nicest, most supportive way possible) and provided me with individual coaching and contacts to navigate building support for the new identity and values. The bottom line is that change is now starting to be seen with identity and values we developed with Helen’s help being endorsed, adopted & used at senior levels in our company across multiple business areas, promoting the behaviours we need. It will continue to be quite a journey towards implementation, but Helen’s creative thinking and insights, flexibility in interactions, honesty and humour in dealing with challenging behaviours were highly impactful and were, I believe, the single factor that made the difference in delivering on this work. I would definitely like to work with Helen again myself and have no hesitation in strongly recommending her to others.”  Michelle Cotter, Director, GSK

“I have worked with Helen during the past 4 years on various projects and programs for Gilead’s International HQ; executive coaching for high potentials, change management training, skills building for resilience and stress management. Helen is very insightful, builds rapport with employees very quickly and gets results. Its a pleasure working with Helen, she understands situations quickly and has first hand experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry so has additional appreciation of our industry.”
Michele White, Senior HR Manager, Gilead

“Pelican worked with a team of managers on team skills / awareness and on change management coaching. They are supportive and able to provide flexible training to a group with a different range of prior experience where all in the group are involved and gain benefit.”
Caroline Smith, Manager, Roche

“Helen is a truly exceptional coach and I would recommend her unreservedly. I found her to be highly perceptive with a quite remarkable ability to encourage reflection and self analysis. Through gentle and well paced enquiry, Helen helped me to identify and understand aspects of my personality and approach to life that were causing me to be hesitant about moving forward. Helen’s use of visualisation proved particularly powerful and enlightening, in fact life-changing. Her insight and genuine ability to fully grasp and then unpack a situation was really exceptional and resulted in some game-changing self reflection. Her supportive and nurturing approach helped to build trust very easily. Helen also talked me through a range of tools and techniques that have increased my own self belief, resilience and effectiveness – her series of short books on Change, Resilience and Effectiveness are also great to have close at hand and something I would also recommend. Helen is a highly professional, experienced and talented coach. I have gained so much from her coaching and would strongly recommend her.”
Ali Gane,  Founder of onfriday.co.uk

“Helen is nothing short of amazing! She immediately had me set solid objectives (though I originally thought they were impossible to address in the short amount of time I’d be meeting with her). By my last session I had either met full on or was well into moving forward with traction on each of them. Each session was invaluable and like dozens of lightbulbs going off (a year later I still refer to my session notes). Helen has unique skills, perspective and insights to anything I’d read or heard before. I began to see results immediately and started on a path of change that continues to this day. I had been feeling a little adrift, overwhelmed and lacking direction in my career path, but working with Helen was like the clouds lifting and clearing. Better yet, my manager noticed immediate results! It has been a year now and I have been promoted to Director and have just moved into a new field (just accepted a job offer within my company). Externally, I was just asked to take on the role of VP Communications and join the Board of Directors for a chapter of the National Charity League. I now manage my workload, feel more in control of how I allocate my time and energy, and am doing a better job at balancing personal and work life. I have much more joy in my life, personal and professional satisfaction and am even tackling that goal of improved physical fitness because I can now manage time for the gym! Forever indebted to Helen – she’s wonderful and the biggest change agent I’ve had in my life. Thanks Helen!”
Robbin Saffron, Director, GSK

“Helen is amazing resource to us in many different situations and I had the pleasure of working with her in the following areas just to name a few: 1:1 coaching for senior level management, team building and providing training and resilience coaching to employees. I am always confident in Helen’s abilities. She is honest, creative and her work always produces excellent results. Helen is also has a great sense of humour, making her a pleasure to work with on a personal level.”
Denise Parsonage, HR Manager, AVEVA

“I was priviledged to have had Helen as my coach over a few months. Her insight, gentle yet probing questioning and her genuine curiosity and desire for me to achieve the results I wanted, were refreshing and very effective. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”
Sonia Gavira, Managing Director, ValueU

“I invited Helen to help bring together a group of individuals who formed a unit but not a team. As I had taken over as their manager, it was important to me, that they understood me as a manager and I gained their trust quickly. Through facilitation, Helen helped present me and gave the team an opportunity to ask any question they wanted. Over 2 days, the team began to gel and the fruits of that effort were observed within 2 – 3 months, when each member of the team through a survey stated they were happy to be in the role and ore importantly our customers saw the high quality results we were providing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen.”
Hasit Bakhda, IT Director, GSK